Amazon’s Stupid Shipping Gang Makes Sure Coffee Filters Arrive Safely

Reader Laura (no relation) received a big, sturdy Amazon box at work. “The kind large enough to hold six to eight regular reams of 8×11 paper,” she wrote to Consumerist. “20 inches in length and a good foot wide and deep.” This box must hold a large amount of office supplies, right? Not so much.

Here is the box that arrived at Laura’s office.


What is that small, well-protected item over on the left half of this box?

There was an essential office supply in the box, but not one heavy enough to justify the big box or the air cushions that filled up most of the space inside.


“Inside was one–count ’em one–3-inch box of [Melitta] Coffee filters,” Laura wrote. “(and a whole lot of airbladders.) You’re Welcome, Environment.”

Yes, coffee filters. It’s nice to know that they arrived safely, and that any more fragile item would have been well-protected, but this was a bit of overkill.

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  1. Mokona512 says:

    They should have packed them a little better using multiple layers. Layer 1: Antistatic bag with silica gel packets also thrown in, and then sealed with heat sealer), layer 2: foam sheet, layer 3: small bubble wrap, layer 4: large bubble wrap layer 5: packing peanuts (enough to ensure that there is no shake at all in the box). If this can make lab equipment survive the UPS treatment, then it should be close to adequate for some coffee filters.