SeaWorld Employee Accused Of Stealing Cash, Credit Cards From Park Visitors

Everyone knows amusement parks are a drain on your wallet — all those snacks to buy, the T-shirt in the gift shop your kid’s just gotta have or she will explode, not to mention the admission price. But police say some visitors to SeaWorld in Orlando saw their money walk away in a less fun manner, alleging that a worker was pilfering visitors’ belongings.

A SeaWorld guest complained that her purse had been stolen, leading to park security to tighten things up and keep a watchful eye out, reports

Police say that one worker was spotted going through guests’ bags, purses and strollers sitting outside Shamu Stadium, and was then arrested on grand theft charges.

One guest wasn’t surprised that the area would be targeted, flush as it is with strollers.

“Just in general, there are a lot of strollers in the parking area. It wouldn’t be uncommon to see 30 or more lined up,” she explained. “We would park ours there but we were always cautious to make sure we took our valuables with us.”

Police are staying tight-lipped about most of the details of the alleged crimes, noting only that SeaWorld had surveillance video showing her using stolen credit cards at a local restaurant.

“We’re working closely with investigators from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office,” said a SeaWorld spokesman. “Because this [is an] ongoing law enforcement investigation, I’m unable to give any more details.”

SeaWorld employee accused of stealing cash, credit cards from guests []

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