Man Stuck In Dell Hell Since 2010 Waiting For Late Girlfriend’s $14 Refund Check

On the one hand, a check for $14.73 doesn’t seem like that much to get worked up about. But for one man who lost his girlfriend to cancer in 2010, part of his role as her trustee is to recoup any debts owed to her estate. And that includes a refund check from Dell that the company took a heck of a long time to send.

The man tells Call Kurtis that the ordeal stretched on after he found the expired refund check from Dell in her belongings after her death, and was placed in charge of her estate. When he asked the company to reissue it and provided proof of his role as trustee as well as her death, he said it just never showed up.

Dell claimed that it had sent the checks twice, but the man says that’s not true. When Call Kurtis got involved, however, the company changed its tune, saying it had failed to send the checks to the right address.

“We are dedicated to responding as best we can to provide a good experience,” Dell said in a statement, without explaining why it had taken so long to clear up.

And while no, $14.73 is not a huge sum of money, that’s not what it’s about for the man, who says he’s just relieved to have won this battle on behalf of his late girlfriend.

“It hurts a lot, at times,” he said of missing her. “But I also reassure myself that she’s not in pain anymore.”

Call Kurtis: After Loved One Passed Away, Dell Won’t Send Her Refund Check [CBS Sacramento]

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