Unhinge Your Jaw, Try Burger King’s Triple-Patty Nacho Godzilla Burger In Malaysia

nachoburgerFast food outlets, why must all of your most ridiculous offerings be in your foreign outposts? Could it be that Americans simply don’t need any more tortilla chips than we already eat? … Well, that’s probably true. The film “Godzilla” comes out this month, though, and Burger King is marking the occasion with some enormous wraps topped with tortilla chips.

The items in the Godzilla lineup are all called “Raksasa,” which means something like “giant” or “monster” in Malaysian. The line is a Godzilla promotion, maybe because the burgers and wraps are monstrously huge. Both food selections also include tortilla chips, perhaps so diners can imagine they’re an enormous lizard crunching through the bones of any person foolish enough to get in its way. Or tortilla chips are just tasty.

The Raksasa burger can have up to three chicken or beef patties, barbecue sauce, mayonnaise, and cheese if you get three meat patties. The wrap is pretty much the same thing, but with only one chicken patty and in wrap form.

Rounding out the Raksasa menu for no particular reason is a special beverage: iced Milo (a chocolate-malt beverage that you can make at home from a powder) topped with crunchy chocolate cereal.

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