“TOP CAR” Means UPS Put Your Package On Car Roof

The UPS delivery notice said that Cheryl’s package had been delivered to “TOP CAR.” What on earth does that mean? It means exactly what it looks like: the box had been delivered to the roof of a car in her driveway.


“UPS has invented a new delivery location,” Cheryl wrote to us. “On the top of the last car (of three) parked in the driveway. Mind you, three adults in the house, not even a pretense of a knock at the door.” Well, of course not. Maybe UPS thought you were living in the car?


This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but does have the potential for problems. What if the third car in the driveway had been a visitor, and they took off without noticing the Amazon box on top of their vehicle? What if a strong gust of wind flung the package into the lawn?

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