“TOP CAR” Means UPS Put Your Package On Car Roof

The UPS delivery notice said that Cheryl’s package had been delivered to “TOP CAR.” What on earth does that mean? It means exactly what it looks like: the box had been delivered to the roof of a car in her driveway.


“UPS has invented a new delivery location,” Cheryl wrote to us. “On the top of the last car (of three) parked in the driveway. Mind you, three adults in the house, not even a pretense of a knock at the door.” Well, of course not. Maybe UPS thought you were living in the car?


This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but does have the potential for problems. What if the third car in the driveway had been a visitor, and they took off without noticing the Amazon box on top of their vehicle? What if a strong gust of wind flung the package into the lawn?

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  1. UPS is getting pretty creative. It is the downside of getting your packages faster. Once their truck is loaded, they can’t get off work until they have attempted delivery for each package. It can be as last as 8pm for a delivery!

    • sylphon says:

      I’ve had some show up with 10pm delivery times listed too.

      As for being creative, yep, they sometimes decide to put the packages on the gas meter around the side of the house where no one that lives in the house would ever see.

  2. Xenotaku says:

    You guys missed another blatant problem: What if a neighbor saw the unattended package right on to the car in full view and decided to take it?

    • sylphon says:

      Which is actually a big issue we have here in my neighborhood, The kids and teens feel if it isn’t nailed down (and even if it is), it is for them.

  3. KevinBlah says:

    I’ve had problems with UPS drivers just not bothering to try to deliver a package, entering “nobody home” when there were three people in the house.

    • sylphon says:

      I think UPS delivery folk believe if you don’t have huge picture windows where they can clearly see someone is in front of them, no one must be home.