Don’t Like Your Neighbors? Bulldozing Their Home Isn’t The Best Solution

We’ve all been there, peering out behind mostly-closed curtains, muttering under your breath about how the people who live next door are probably Kerblonian spies and also, that dog will not stop barking. But just because you’re not a fan of your neighbors, pretending you own their home so you can bulldoze it to the ground isn’t a great way to resolve your issues.

Police in Jacksonville, Fla. say a 62-year-old woman was fed up with the folks living next door, and hired a heavy equipment operator that she owned their trailer, reports the Florida Times-Union.

As if there could be no consequences for such a thing, she allegedly instructed the contractor to destroy the trailer and its septic tank, the arrest report says. She even had a key to the place, and showed him that no one was living inside before he started his work this week.

But alas, the owner returned, as owners are wont to do, and called the police. The owner said she’d owned the mobile home since 2006 and had never had a problem with her neighbor, but that she’d definitely never given her a key, either.

The suspect was arrested and charged with criminal mischief, a third-degree felony. In the arrest report, it’s noted that the suspect had the trailer destroyed because the people who lived in it were unsavory, and she thought they’d broken it into her car. So it was a favor to the neighbor hood, she allegedly said.

Police: Upset with neighbors, St. Johns woman bulldozes their mobile home [Florida Times-Union]

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