Town Creates “Do Not Knock” Registry To Keep Away Unwanted Solicitors

In a move that would’ve had the Fuller Brush Man and his fellow door-to-door salesmen fuming 60 years ago, a town in Michigan has created a “Do Not Knock” registry to keep annoying solicitors from banging doors and ringing bells. But then what about my “Go away, punk!” doorbell sound?

In Troy, MI, residents are taking matters into their own hands in the creation of the new registry, reports CBS Detroit.

“It establishes a list that residents can sign their addresses up on,” the city clerk explained. “That list is given to any solicitors that are licensed by the city of Troy. It’s basically a list of addresses that are off-limits for solicitors.”

The program hasn’t been open for long but already 600 people have signed up, she says. While not everyone understands it completely, most people are grateful to keep the knockers away, she adds. Complaints abound in the spring when the days are longer as well.

“During the winter months they can only go until 6 o’clock and then during the summer it’s until 8 o’clock,” she said. “Personally, I don’t like having someone come to my door, you know, at almost 9 o’clock at night, asking if I want an estimate on my roof or something like that.”

Troy Creates ‘Do Not Knock’ Registry To Keep Pesky Solicitors At Bay [CBS Detroit]

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