Burger King Japan Serves Hot Dogs For Breakfast And Nothing Makes Sense

We don’t believe that American fast food breakfasts like sausage patties, lukewarm pancakes, and waffle tacos should be the standard everywhere in the world. No, we wouldn’t even force all outposts of American fast food joints operating in other countries to conform to American breakfast ideals. Yet we’re still mystified at the latest offering from Burger King in Japan: the Morning Burger and BK Hot Dog Classic. For breakfast.


See? We wouldn’t make that up. Brand Eating highlighted this oddity along with some other new items, like a Spam & Cheese Burger. Wait, even that would make more sense as a breakfast sandwich than a plain old cheeseburger or a hot dog with mustard, ketchup, and relish.

If you’re not going to serve a full breakfast menu until mid-evening, don’t go serving hot dogs in the morning. Of course, this is the same branch of Burger King that has given the world apple burgers and fast-food cocktails, so maybe menu logic isn’t something that we should expect.

Around the World: Burger King Japan’s Revamped Breakfast Menu Looks Suspiciously Like Lunch [Brand Eating]

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