Energizer Plans To Split Into Two Companies; One For Batteries, Other For Personal Products

The Energizer bunny will soon be part of a broken home. Okay, not really but the little guy’s parent company plans to split in two; separating the bunny from tampons, shaving gel and other personal products a bunny obviously has no need for.

Energizer Holdings announced plans to break its hefty product portfolio into two separate companies by the end of 2015. One company will continue to sell batteries, while the other will focus on personal care products.

Officials with the company say the split is the latest development in a plan to provide a clearer focus for the company in terms of competition and growth.

“Since becoming an independent company in 2000, Energizer has built two successful divisions and each is now well-suited to realize its full potential on a standalone basis,” Ward M. Klein, CEO of the company, says in a news release.

The new Personal Care company won’t be selling some new brand of household products, either.

In fact, the company behind the iconic bunny is the same company behind some of the most well-known personal care products on the market, such as Platex, Schick and Edge shaving gel, Hawaiian Tropic and Banana Boat sun care products and more.

The Household Products company will continue to sell batteries, portable lighting products from the Energizer and Eveready brands.

Before the company can officially split the plan must be approved by regulators.

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