Complaint Asks Library To Remove ‘Hop On Pop’ Because It Promotes Violence Against Dads

But don't.

But don’t.

When you’ve got a system that allows the general public to air grievances, it’s pretty much guaranteed that there will be some off-the-wall issues. Or at least, problems that seem to not be all that serious: the Toronto Public Library received a complaint asking for librarians to remove Dr. Seuss’ Hop On Pop, claiming that it promotes violence against well, pops, dear old dad, father dearest. You get it.

That being said, we are very pro-pops here at Consumerist, pro-parent, really, and would never want any dad to be harmed as a result of reading Hop On Pop.

Moving along — yes, this is a real(ish) issue, according to a document the library posted online with seven books that the library was asked to remove over the year (via UPI).

The complaint says the 1963 Seuss favorite “encourages children to use violence against their fathers,” according to the complaint.

Whoever wrote it asked that the library should apologize to Toronto fathers and pay for any damages resulting from the book.

That being said, the Materials Review Committee has made the decision to keep the book in the children’s collection, saying that it’s “humorous,” “well-loved” and that it has “appeared on many ‘Best of’ children’s book lists.”

And besides, anyone who’s actually read Hop On Pop instead of rushing to make a frivolous complaint and waste everyone’s time would know, at the end, the book tells kids not to actually jump on dad. A very important life lesson.

Toronto library asked to shelve Dr. Seuss’ ‘Hop on Pop’ because it promotes violence [UPI]

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