Runaway Budweiser Blimp Breaks Free, Goes Cruising Over Canada

Maybe you thought your dream had come true, that finally someone realized how important your annual spring barbecue is to everyone involved and sent a beer blimp to mark the occasion. Sorry, folks. It’s just that a Budweiser blimp broke free of its tethers and is on the lam, cruising the Canadian skies like the rebel it never knew it could be.

Officials with Transport Canada’s Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System (try saying that three times fast, why don’t ya?) says the approximately 69-foot dirigible in the shape of a hockey goal light (#Canada) was floating somewhere between 4,000 and 5,000 feet over New Brunswick, reports CBC News.

It broke loose at a ball hockey tournament on Saturday afternoon and has probably spent that time doing whatever it felt like, consuming as much fuel as it wants and generally living the high life without anyone telling it what to do for once.

As of today, it’s believed that the blimp fell to the ground finally, says the director of Labatt Breweries for Atlantic Canada, which owns the blimp. A grid search by air is underway to find it.

“It’s the only one we have,” he explained. “The manufacturer believes in all likelihood it has landed somewhere in New Brunswick, not all that far from Saint John, and we are actively looking for it.”

Hope you enjoyed it while it lasted, blimp. Because you’ll never get a chance to cruise wherever you want ever again after this little stunt you pulled. You’re so gonna get grounded.

Runaway beer blimp loose over New Brunswick [CBC News]

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