The Dogecoin Race Car Is A Reality And It Is Every Bit As Amazing As We’d Hoped

A few weeks back, we told you how supporters of the Dogecoin virtual currency had banded together on Reddit in just a few days to raise enough money to sponsor NASCAR driver Josh Wise’s car. The car itself has finally been revealed and it is, well… it is.

Wise’s racing team unveiled the Dogecoin car last night on Twitter, and the paint job is so much better than we’d expected based on the initial sketches.

Not only does it feature the thoughtful Shiba Inu dog that sparked the Dogecoin meme, but the design also incorporates some random thoughts popping into its head. Where else at a NASCAR race are you going to see a car with the word “shibe” painted in comic sans on its hood for no reason other than it’s funny?

Here at Consumerist HQ, we think Wise might actually gain a competitive advantage by driving such a frickin’ awesome vehicle.

“Can you imagine being another driver and passing that car with that dog looking at you?” imagined one of my colleagues. “It would go, LOL->crash->hospital.”


Not that we wish a crash on any driver; we just think the Dogecoin car will be hilariously distracting.

The Dogecoin car will make its debut this weekend during the Aaron’s 499 Sprint Cup race at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama.

[via dailywhat]

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