Coffee “Price Drop” At Meijer Means You Pay 10 Cents More

“Walmart and Target aren’t the only ones with weird ‘value’ pricing,” a reader pointed out to us in an e-mail over the weekend. Indeed, wherever there are price tags, sales, and workers who are not encouraged to use common sense, you will find fuzzy math.


Reader i8junk_stuff spotted this “price drop” at Meijer, noting that the discount chain is clearly trying to stay competitive. “Not to be outdone by Target, Meijer continues to impress with ‘low’ prices,” they write.


Jack was shopping at Winco and noticed that toaster strudels get more expensive when you buy more. “Buy a package of 12 apple Toaster Strudels and pay 80¢ (19%) more than the cost of two 6-count packages. Such a bargain!”

Target, of course, will not take this sitting down. They got their shrink wrap out and got right to work.


“Cheaper to buy two Dawn products than the two pack,” observes tipster Lisa. Or is it? Maybe that adorable picture of a baby seal costs 47¢.

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