Samsung: “Limited Number” Of Galaxy S5 Phones Have Faulty Cameras

Here's looking at you. Or not.

Here’s looking at you. Or not.

If you just bought a Samsung Galaxy S5 phone and are upset to find you can’t take photos with the darn thing? You’re not alone — Samsung says a “limited number” of the phones have a fatal flaw that renders the 16-megapixel camera useless.

The company confirmed the major flaw with The Verge after multiple reports on Internet forums cited the issue, which seems to happen quite often with Verizon Wireless phones especially.

Those customers say a “camera failure” error will pop up on phones, and once that happens the hardware just stops working. Forever. The only fix that will allow you to take photos? A new device.

Samsung says it’s aware of the problem and is working on helping customers:

“We have learned that a limited number of Galaxy S5 devices may have an issue that causes ‘Camera Failure’ pop-up error message,” it said.

If this has happened to you, call 1-888-987-4357 to get a new phone under the warranty or stop by your local dealer to switch it. Because goodness knows that selfie isn’t going to take itself… OR IS IT? (No, it’s not.)

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