Newborn Kittens Survive Accidentally Getting Packed In A Box And Shipped 130 Miles

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah so cute. (ABC 10)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah so cute. (ABC 10)

Warning: If you are prone to squees of delight and shrieks of adoration, the below story might not be safe for your coworkers’ ears. Because how could you not utter at least one “aww!” when faced with tiny newborn kittens named Mouse and Wifi that survived traveling 100 miles packed in a box shipped to a warehouse?

Two kittens so young they still had the umbilical cords attached were found in a box shipped to Cox Communications in Los Angeles from Chula Vista, which is about 130 miles away, reports ABC 10 News.

A worker who watched as his fellow employee unpacked that box says they’re lucky they’re surviving and now thriving.

“They were very, very lucky that they didn’t fall out of it in transport or when we were unloading the truck,” he said, adding that he’d thought he’d seen it all in his 34 years at the warehouse.

He called his nephew, who coincidentally is an investigator with the San Diego Humane Society, and the kittens were taken there to recover. And lest you be looking around for a bad human to blame, look instead to the kittens’ mom.

“What we think happened was the mom had the babies and she put them in a safe spot … and she left,” says one of the Humane Society workers who’s been taking care of the kittens, and helped with their telecom-inspired names. “Then they got boxed up and they got shipped.”

The kittens are extra lucky in this case — if they’d ended up in another city, there might not have been the resources to care for such young animals.

“We’re actually one of the only around-the-clock kitten nurseries in the country,” explains
a San Diego Humane Society spokeswoman. “Most shelters don’t have the resources to provide around-the-clock care that kittens need.”

These two fortunate siblings are on the mend though, and will spend the next few weeks growing fat and happy in the nursery before heading to a foster home. Once they’re eight weeks old, they’ll be ready for adoption.

Now for that video that might prompt a few shrieks of delight:

Kittens accidentally packed in box, shipped from Los Angeles to San Diego [ABC 10 News]

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