Free Chicken Big King Only An Illusory Dream

big_king_mealThe Big King is Burger King’s version of a two-patty burger with vegetables, cheese, and “King Sauce,” and it is totally not a clone of the Big Mac. Nope. On Saturday, Burger King introduces a new member of this royal family: the Chicken Big King, with two breaded chicken patties. Reader Adam lives in a test market where he had early access to this burger. It was not, however, free.

The Big King might seem like a Big Mac clone, but in an interview with the fab site Burger Business, Alex Macedo, president of Burger King North America, says that they really don’t care if you accuse them of copying their bigger rival. “There’s no point in not offering your guests something they like and appreciate,” he points out. Besides, triple-bun double-decker burgers actually date back to the Great Depression, thirty years before the Big Mac was even a sesame seed in its inventor’s brain.

Anyway, back to Adam’s adventures with menu boards. He sneaked this photo of what he saw behind the counter:


“No,” writes Adam, “they did not honor their advertisement.” Maybe the price was zero because the sandwich wasn’t officially on the menu yet, even as a test item. Or maybe it was a silly typo, but he still found it disappointing.

We asked Burger King’s media relations people whether they know what the deal was here, and will post when we hear something back.

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