Taxi Driver Paid $600 To Be Unwitting Accomplice In Bank Robbery

We’ve written before about triple-digit taxi fares, but it’s usually a case of sketchy drivers taking advantage of naive customers or passengers who don’t realize there are less-expensive options. So here’s a story of how a cab driver in Kansas was paid $600 to help a bank robber make his escape.

The driver tells Kansas City’s WDAF-TV that he picked up a passenger in Lawrence, KS, who offered him $600 to drive him the 200 or so miles north to Omaha, NE.

But first, the passenger had to stop by a Truity Credit Union branch to cash a check.

“Something didn’t seem right about it, at least to me anyway,” says the driver, who waited for his passenger outside the bank. “At the time, I was a little worried, like if he was a drug dealer or in trouble. [I was thinking] this could be kind of not good.”

After the passenger was done robbing the credit union, he returned to the car and the two made their way up to Omaha. The driver dropped him off at a bus station, received his $600 and began the return trip to Lawrence.

He says he had no idea what was going on and didn’t learn of the bank robbery until after he’d dropped off the passenger.

“I’m glad I was told later because I probably would have freaked out,” said the driver, whose $600 fare was confiscated by authorities but who is not a suspect in the robbery.

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