Don’t Take A $1,000 Cab Ride From NYC To Boston If You Don’t Have The Money

There are many ways to travel from New York City to Boston. There are inexpensive buses and even trains. In theory, you can even take a taxi from the airport right to your front door, but that’s an expensive option. When you insist that you totally have the money in your house back in Boston, but don’t, you’re going to get in some trouble.

That’s what police say happened to a woman from Framingham, Massachusetts who claimed to have the needed money to cover the ride. She disappeared into her home for about ten minutes, then emerged, saying that she didn’t have the cash. “I just came from Brazil,” she allegedly told the driver. So the cab driver gave her a free lift…to the police station, where she was arrested for larceny over $250.

The good news is that all charges will be dropped if she is able to pay the $980 fare within 60 days.

Framingham woman arrested after $980 cab ride [Metro West Daily News]

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