Someone At US Airways Is Probably Getting Fired After Posting Photo Of Plane-As-Sex-Toy

Not the toy plane in question (photo: jayRaz)

Not the toy plane in question (photo: jayRaz)

Among the many insulting, insensitive, rude, crude, and accidental Tweets that companies have sent out over the years, the incredibly NSFW photo (unless you happen to work in the porn industry) that got posted today by the US Airways Twitter account will probably go down as one of the most embarrassing.

In a simple response to a complaining customer earlier today, the airline’s Twitter account responded, “We welcome feedback… If your travel is complete, you can detail here for review and follow up” with what we presume was supposed to be a link to a page on the US Airways website, but was instead a link to a Twitter photo of a naked woman inserting a toy plane into a place where it was not intended to be inserted.

By linking to that photo, it not only went into the US Airways’ Twitter feed, but received prominent placement on the feed’s page as the most recently shared photo.

And there it stayed for at least an hour, before the airline got wise to its gaffe and deleted it, along with issuing this apology:

If you came here looking for the photo, we’re sorry. We won’t be posting the pic — not even a blurred version — but there are plenty of sites that have posted screengrabs so that this moment in Twitter-oops history will be preserved forever.

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