Topless Woman Goes On Rampage At McDonald’s In Only A Thong, Stops To Snack



We all know that no shirt and no shoes means no service, and that should probably be extended to “no real pants” after a woman recently trashed a Florida McDonald’s wearing only her skivvies. She then rewarded herself with some self-serve soft-serve ice cream at the end, as one apparently might feel inclined to do after wreaking half-naked havoc.

The incident went down on March 24 at about 10:50 at night, reports the Tampa Bay Times (has video of aforementioned lady that auto-plays, be warned), but the security footage only hit the Internet yesterday and has immediately become a popular view.

Maybe because the woman goes beyond a simple topless rant — she shoves a McFlurry machine, overturns cash registers, chucks display racks and generally proceeds to muck stuff up, if you catch my drift, for about $10,000 in damages. All this, after an employee asked her to put some clothes on.

“She destroys it,” said a police spokesman. “You name it, she’s turning it over.”

Perhaps to reward herself after the rampage, she eats soft-serve ice cream directly out of the machine and munches on some fries while she’s behind the counter.

When police showed up, she allegedly “took an aggressive stance” and lunged at officers before they were able to arrest her. She’s been charged with criminal mischief and resisting arrest. Medical officials say she wasn’t on any drugs or drunk, so it could be that she has mental health issues.

The two employees who have been accused of leaking the video this week have been fired, the restaurant’s owner said.

“The situation leading to this woman’s arrest was, at the time, surprising to all involved,” he said in a statement. “However, the posting of the video was without authorization and inconsistent with my values and how we operate our restaurant.”

Video: Internet abuzz over topless woman who trashed McDonald’s in Pinellas Park [Tampa Bay Times]

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  1. CommonC3nts says:

    That is 100% wrong to fire employees for posting a video of a crazy women.
    McDonald’s should punish the franchise and make them hire back the employees.

    • furiousd says:

      How? Even if they didn’t have specific instructions from their boss to not release company property to the public they should have been expected to get fired once caught. Similar situation: I work under contract for MDA, and signed an agreement to abide by ITAR restrictions for the project. If I decided it would be funny to release data that doesn’t belong to me, I should not only expect to be fired but depending on the sensitivity of the data I would expect to be shot for treason. 100% within the right of this company to fire the employees since they’ve proven irrefutably that they can’t be trusted.

      • monkeywrench says:

        furiousd ,

        I agree, we all work with certain parameters that we should understand before being on the job, although I’m sure they thought it was funny(it was in a strange way), the franchise owner owned the tapes, and the right to decide what to do with them.