T-Mobile Introducing 500MB Plan For Casual Smartphone Users

Right now, T-Mobile’s lowest cost individual smartphone plan is $50/month (plus the cost for your phone) for 1GB of data and unlimited talk/text. For people whose monthly data use is minimal, the company will soon be offering a $10/month price cut for those willing to cap their usage at 500MB.

T-Mobile announced today something called “Simple Starter,” which will be $40/month when it becomes available on April 12. It has the same unlimited talk/text as the 1GB plan.

The new plan doesn’t automatically hit users with overage charges if they cross the 500MB threshold. Instead, it cuts off data service until the next billing cycle, though customers can purchase additional buckets of data if they need it.

Of course, the cost for the plan doesn’t include the cost of the device. If you already own a phone that works on the T-Mobile network, then there is no additional cost.

If you get a phone through T-Mobile, the effect on your monthly rate varies widely. A new iPhone 5S or Samsung Galaxy S5 will add around $27/month to your bill, but there are older devices like the Galaxy S 4G that will only tack on $5/month.

[via GigaOm]

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