Capri Sun Attempts To Clear Up Mold Doubts With See-Through Bottoms

I see through you.

I see through you.

Here at Consumerist, we’ve been unfortunate enough to see a lot of gross photos of a wide array of moldy terrors in packaged foods. So it must be that the fine folks at Capri Sun have heard our cries of disgust and are now attempting to alleviate the mold terror by switching to juice pouches with clear bottoms.

And unlike Lululemon’s luon yoga pants, this transparency is on purpose, after customer complaints prompted Capri Sun (and its parent company) Kraft foods decided to tackle the mold issue

Greg, Guidotti, senior director of ready-to-drink beverages at Kraft said the company research found 14% of moms (because dads weren’t questioned about juice?) know that food mold is found in the drinks now and again, which isn’t a huge number. But the means to talk about it have changed.

“The level to which things are accentuated in social media, it really changed the way we wanted to engage with moms,” Guidotti told AdAge. “We’ve spent a lot of time speaking to the consumer-response groups. We want to offer empathy and offer it with transparency.”

Along with the packaging, which hits shelves this month, there’s a new ad campaign with lines urging consumers to look for mold before they drink: “See the goodness before it’s gulped.”

Another point the company wants to start hammering home — the reason the mold grows in the first place is that Capri Sun doesn’t have artificial preservatives, colors or flavors, and hasn’t for decades. About 70% of consumers are unaware of that fact, something Kraft wants to change.

“The amplification of mold [issues] initiated some of our thinking, but as we did our deep dive, we saw a much broader trend around health and wellness,” Guidotti explained.

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