Masseuse Admits That Client’s Missing $35K Rolex Is In An, Ahem, Private Location

Not the Rolex in question. (Skakerman)

Not the Rolex in question. (Skakerman)

If the phrase “body cavities” bothers you, you might want to stop reading right now before things get decidedly uncomfortable. Which was the literal situation for a masseuse who told police that a client’s missing $35,000 Rolex could be found stowed away in her nether regions, to put it politely.

It’s not cheap to book a private massage, and one Las Vegas customer found it was an even more expensive endeavor when his watch went missing at the end of a $300 encounter, reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Gotta love their opening line too — saying the suspect “did the time. Now she’s charged with the crime.” Oy, puns.

Anyway, the client said that during the massage — which sounds like it was perhaps of a rather ah, personal nature — he took off his watch about 30 minutes in at the suspect’s request so she could massage his arms. He told investigators later that when all was said and done, the watch was nowhere to be found.

He accused her of stealing it and she denied it, reports said, and she claimed he’d gotten mad because of a request of a sexual nature that she didn’t want to perform.

When police arrived on the scene, no one could find the watch and the suspect maintained her innocence. That is until she admitted where the watch was — stowed safely inside her own body — and was taken to the hospital for pain. After getting a search warrant, an X-ray was taken and ta da, there was the watch.

“Prior to medical staff assisting [the woman] with the removal of the watch she admitted to them that she had stolen a watch and concealed the item in her vagina,” a police report said.

Her lawyer now says he’s intending to go after authorities for what he calls an illegal search-and-seizure.

“We intend to file a motion to suppress the medical intrusion,” the attorney said, claiming that the encounter was consensual and the watch was taken back after he wasn’t satisfied with her services. “The search is an unreasonable search when medical providers have to use equipment to conduct an invasive procedure to remove what police believe is evidence.”

Prosecutors have charged her with two felony counts, grand larceny and possession of stolen property.

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