You Don’t Have To Go Home, But You Can’t Stay At Walmart Drinking Beer For 2 Days

Tempting, we know. (plasmadis)

Tempting, we know. (plasmadis)

Back in the wilder days of my college youth, we knew the fun was over when the bar powers that be came on over the loudspeaker, saying “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.” Perhaps a New York Walmart could’ve used such a reminder for a woman accused of trespassing at the store for two days, just chilling out and drinking some beer.

Police say the woman was first spotted in the store Thursday night taking cans of beer from the store and drinking them where she stood, reports the Albany Times-Union.

Workers told her to hit the road, but then found her five hours later asleep in a shipping container in the “employees only” receiving dock area, according to the State Police, with beer cans scattered on the floor nearby.

She was booted once again but was discovered the next day at the store, allegedly with a 24 oz. beer shoved in her pocket. While employees waited for the police to arrive, she reportedly went into the bathroom and chugged the evidence.

The attraction of just settling down with a beverage where you buy it might be nice, but more appropriate behavior for say, a bar, or the privacy of your own home. Besides, the last time I slept in a shipping container I swore would be my last. Couches are infinitely more comfortable.

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