Sad About Losing SiriusXM ’40s On 4? Try Asking For A Refund

40sjoelWhen we posted on Friday about SiriusXM temporarily bumping their station ’40s on 4 to make room for a station that’s 24/7 Billy Joel, we didn’t realize how many people enjoy rocking out Greatest Generation-style in their cars. One fan was able to get a small concession from SiriusXM, and this might work for others, too.

Sirius, of course, counters that they are offering a solution: they’re making the ’40s on 4 content available online through Interweb-connected devices. No, Landon wasn’t able to get the station restored to his radio. “I was able to call Executive Customer Service at 212-584-5100 and get 3 months’ credit to cover the time that the 40’s on 4 was going to be off the air,” he wrote to us. “It was quick and painless.”

212-584-5100 isn’t the standard customer service number: it’s the corporate switchboard for SiriusXM. When someone answers, ask for a customer service representative located in North America, or for executive customer service. GetHuman also has some toll-free numbers that customers report are equally effective.

Follow the standard rules of executive customer service: be professional and polite to the operator and to the representative. Make reasonable demands: we think that a three-month credit for the run of the Billy Joel station is a fair compromise, and calling will also let the people in charge at SiriusXM know that their customers are unhappy.

We can’t confirm whether this will work for everyone, since SiriusXM still hasn’t answered our original request for a statement about the programming change.

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  1. CommonC3nts says:

    This is pathetic that they would cut out 40s music. I even listen to that sometimes.
    Pro tip, never pay full price for XM which is like $160 a year.
    Also renew by going straight to cancellations and demanding the $80 a year price.
    They cut out BBC and now 40s. XM has gone completely down hill since merging with sirius.

  2. MissPurdy says:

    I love Billy Joel so I am one of those that like this channel but I don’t understand why Sirius couldn’t have used one of their other empty stations to broadcast Joel 24/7. Unless there is some type of agreement where the music had to be on one of the lower numbered channels. And I agree with CommonC3nts, I hate the merger. XM was so much better before the skydog took over. RIP Lucy, Ethel and Fred.

  3. Naskarrkid says:

    If I remember correctly, XM used to have a channel for seasonal music/specials in the 21-29 range. The last time I used XM was in 2005, so not 100% on this.