People In Alaska Are The Best Tippers, People In Delaware The Worst

Sure, Internet comment threads seem to be evenly split between generous tippers and people who resent the practice, but what about the population at large? Credit card payment service Square analyzed their transaction data and found some interesting patterns in tipping by state. We don’t want to draw any wider conclusions, but we’re also giving Delaware a sidelong glance.

You might associate Square with only small businesses, since it’s an app-based payment service that allows pretty much anyone to accept credit cards. Businesses like taxis, repair services, food trucks, and restaurants that all might receive tips all use Square for payments. They calculated which states’ transactions have the largest proportion that include tips at all, and also the average tip percentage by state.

Quartz created handy purple visual aids for both sets of data, but we find the tip percentage map much more interesting. In this map, the darker a state is, the more generous its residents are.


Here’s both sets of data in bar graph form.


Which US states tip the most (and least), as shown by millions of Square transactions [Quartz] (via Foodbeast)

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