Taco Bell Wraps Chili Cheese Fries Up In A Tortilla, Calls It Delicious in Canada

taco-bell-canada-new-loaded-grillersHave you ever craved fries with chili and melted cheese, but been in such a hurry that you had no choice but to eat them while walking or driving? Yeah, us either. But Taco Bell’s Canadian outposts are prepared for exactly that situation with their Chili Cheese Fries Griller.

This new menu item is very simple: it’s the regular fries with chili and cheese that Taco Bell serves, wrapped up in a tortilla. Only…wait a minute. Since when does Taco Bell serve fries? We have Grillers here in the US, but they have “potato bites” in them, because they don’t have fries at Taco Bell.


They’re a standard menu item at Taco Bell in Canada, as it turns out: maybe fast food establishments there simply can’t survive without serving cheese- and fry-based side dishes. North of the border, they serve cheese-slathered fries and chili-and-cheese-slathered fries. This Griller is that item in a more portable form, we suppose. Don’t expect to see this item here in the United States: Taco Bell doesn’t have the fries sitting around to stuff inside it.

The second Loaded Griller is a little less carb-heavy: it’s called the Spicy Beef Nacho Griller, but contains no tortilla chips. Maybe the logic is that the exterior tortilla stands in for the chips that we associate with nachos. Inside, you find ground beef, cheese, and jalapenos. Like inside-out nachos, maybe. Here, we have crunchy red tortilla chip strips that fill in for the chips. Maybe. It’s not really the same.

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