The Rising Cost Of Breakfast: You’ll Need To Bring Home More Bacon To Buy Your Bacon

Hold onto your hot cakes and don’t spill a drop of that orange juice — breakfast prices are rising, making it a lot costlier to bring home the bacon. As in, the actual bacon, not money bacon. Though you will be spending more money bacon to eat real bacon. Now I’m suffering from bacon confusion and probably need to eat some bacon.

Morning staples like bacon, coffee and orange juice are all getting more expensive because of global supply problems, which of course, aren’t just limited to the first meal of the day, points out the Associated Press. Because you can eat that stuff any time of day, says the person who loves breakfast for dinner/brinner.

Government data shows that meat, fish and eggs had the biggest increase in U.S. food prices in about 2.5 years as of last month. The index that keeps track of such things rose 1.2% in February and is up 4% overall in the last 12 months.

Pork prices are also going up as farmers worry about a virus infecting hogs in the U.S. right now, even while they cut back on pig production due to the rising cost of feed.

Prices for coffee and orange juice are also on the rise, meaning even your treasured breakfast liquids could cause a bigger dent in your wallet than in the past.

Of course, there’s the buffer of retailers and food companies that could keep many of these higher costs from hitting consumers too hard, but the Grocery Manufacturers Association says we could feel the “ripple effects” of rising commodity prices.

Looks like I might need to go back to chewing on dry cereal and reusing old coffee grounds… again. Sigh. Check out the source link below for in-depth details on why, exactly, each food is seeing an increase in prices, and start working on your coffee-hoarding plans now.

Breakfast foods are getting pricier [Associated Press]

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