After Being Denied McFlurry, Woman Sets Car On Fire In McDonald’s Parking Lot

While I personally think the McFlurry is nothing special (probably because I spent the better part of my adolescence making top-notch Blizzards at Dairy Queen), even the world’s most ardent fan of the McDonald’s dessert would probably agree that it isn’t anything worth setting someone else’s car on fire over.

But don’t tell that to the woman in Jacksonville, FL, who wasn’t too thrilled when her male dining companion refused to by her a McFlurry on Sunday night.

WFTV in Orlando reports that the woman grabbed the man’s keys, went to his car in the parking lot and splashed it with alcohol and gasoline before lighting it on fire. She then ran off through a nearby parking lot.

People on the scene reportedly attempted to help the man extinguish the fire. Of course, at least one of them took the time to shoot the above footage of the fire.

Firefighters arrived on the scene at some point and put the fire out. Most surprisingly, WFTV reports that the car’s owner was able to drive it away after it was no longer ablaze.

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