UK Subway Sandwich Artist Decides Bread Ovens Work Just As Well At Drying Socks

The alleged sock photo, now removed from Instagram.

The alleged sock photo, now removed from Instagram.

We’re totally fans of subverting everyday objects to serve a need they might not have been designed for — does the name MacGyver ring a bell? — but when you’re employed in the food industry, snapping a pic of your wet socks toasting away in the bread ovens at Subway will not get you any kudos for creativity.

A worker who stuck her wet socks and gloves in the oven at a Subway in England where she works as a sandwich artist is in hot, um, dough (?) after she snapped a pic and posted it to Instagram. Because everyone knows posting to social media is the best way to stay out of trouble when you do something naughty at work.

According to the Daily Mail, she made sure to hashtag her evidence for easier discovery: “Socks and gloves drying in the oven at work ha #Worcester #floods #wet #gloves #socks.”

As is the way with social media, someone saw the photo and wasn’t too happy — namely a customer who complained that those ovens should be a bread-only zone.

The store’s manager apologized and offered her some Subway vouchers and oddly enough, a Sunday job. The worker herself sent a private message on Facebook to the customer saying she didn’t put “much thought” into at the time, but her boss had thought she shouldn’t have soaking wet feet for her entire shift. Besides, she wrote, the oven was cleaned thoroughly afterward.

That approach didn’t go over too well, however — the customer called the Facebook messages “borderline harassment” and went to the store to complain in person when the photo remained on Instagram. The manager apologized again, and said the worker would take down the photo.

The customer says she has nothing against Subway, but won’t be going in that store again, as it “was just so unhygienic.”

A development agent for the Subway brand in the area weighed in as well, saying: “We are in the process of investigating the facts at this particular franchise. The Subway brand takes food and product safety extremely seriously.”

Were they six-inches or a FOOT-long? Subway worker caught using the bread oven to dry her WET SOCKS and gloves after she posted a picture of it on her Instagram account [The Daily Mail]

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