Starbucks Offers Vegetable Muffin Or Mini-Quiche In Hong Kong

muffinWe consider it our duty to keep you updated about the finest and most exciting international fast food available, like Marmite pizza and apple burgers. We’re not so sure that this new pastry offering from Starbucks in Hong Kong will have Americans longing to buy plane tickets, though. It features…vegetables?

That’s not a birthday candle sticking out of the muffin: it’s a green bean. This is a savory muffin that contains cheese, spinach, broccoli, and green beans. Why? They probably have some kind of good reason to create a savory muffin, but we’re pretty sure this special item isn’t going to come stateside.

Around the World: Starbucks Hong Kong Gives You Veggies IN Your Muffin [Brand Eating]

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