Denver Hosts Nation’s First-Ever Marijuana Industry Job Fair

Someone has to tend to these guys, after all. (Brett Levin Photography)

Someone has to tend to these guys, after all. (Brett Levin Photography)

What happens when there’s a brand new industry opening up? That industry needs hard workers, and it’s no different when the new business in the state happens to be marijuana. Now that it’s legal in Colorado for recreational use, Denver held what appears to be the nation’s first-ever job fair to attract workers.

So what kinds of jobs are there, exactly? From the sounds of CBS News’ report on the CannaSearch event, it sounds like just about anything you could think of — from the guy serving up a slice of pot brownie at the local marijuana shop, to positions in cannabis healthcare and CPA and bookkeeping positions. All things any normal businesses need.

And it sounds like Thursday’s job fair was a success, if not an overwhelming one, for the organizers, with one marijuana entrepreneur and even organizer saying there were about 1,200 in a line outside.

“People started showing up about 6 a.m. this morning, for the doors opening at 11 a.m.,” he said yesterday. “The line is longer than a block now.”

The fair hosted 15 marijuana-related companies seeking to meet with potential job candidates. And despite jokes about your resume being perhaps a list of your favorite, kindest buds, it was quite the official to-do, much like any other job event.

“It’s been great,” said the general manager of a medicinal and recreational marijuana dispensary in Denver. “We’ve had hundreds of people stop by the booth. I have stacks of resumes right here in front of me, lots of cards given out. I’m sure we’re going to find a great bunch of people to add to our company.”

Cue your stoner cousin Ronnie scrambling off the couch to research “How to write a pot resume” and “flights to Colorado.”

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