Amazon Clears Up Dates For New Prime Pricing

As we reported this morning, the annual subscription rate for Amazon Prime is going up from $79 a year to $99 a year. However, there was some confusion over exactly when that change was going to take place.

Subscribers reported hearing different things based on their renewal dates, and for some consumers (like yours truly), the membership page and the e-mail from Amazon said two different things.

We reached out to Amazon for clarification, and a PR rep for the company told us: “Starting March 20, new Prime members will pay $99 per year. Beginning April 17, existing Prime members will pay the new fee on their subsequent annual renewal date.”

The rep added that customers who sign up for the free trial before March 20 will be locked in for their first year at the $79 rate.

Some folks online are suggesting that people should buy gift Prime subscriptions before March 20, for $79, then give themselves that gift when it comes time to renew, thereby sneaking in an extra year. We have no idea if that actually works, and are checking with Amazon.

So if your Prime membership renews between now and April 16, you get to keep the old price for one year longer. Everyone with renewal dates of April 17 and later, sorry.

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  1. CommonC3nts says:

    Im good until February 08, 2015.
    $20 more is not bad for the video and 2 day packages, but I wont have to pay $99 until 2015.
    Im still going to look into if I can get a gift membership now and use it next year.

  2. smirkette says:

    Luckily, mine renewed last month, but I’ve just cancelled my auto-renew. I have Netflix for streaming video; Prime Streaming doesn’t have enough exclusive titles for me to even think about keeping it at the higher rate. I can wait for packages; honestly, half the reason I buy so much on Amazon was because of the 2-day shipping.