Entire Abandoned Spanish Village Going For The Low Low Price Of Zero Dollars



We’ve heard about white hot real estate, but who knew that could apply to an entire village? Spain has an estimate 2,900 empty villages, hamlets and tiny towns tucked all over the country, including one dating back to the 15th century that’s currently going for the bargain basement price of absolutely no money whatsoever.

Yes, an entire village for zero Euros, no dollars and absolutely no cash. However, whoever buys the town of A Barca must first present a development project for the village, reports the AFP, one that will preserve all its crumbling, moss-covered stone buildings.

It sounds very quaint, if you’ve got the right stuff to take care of it — nestled on a hillside overlooking a river, right near the Portuguese border. Perfect for all those book clubbers looking for their own Eat, Pray, Love experience, right?

The officials overseeing the project say they’re looking for an owner who will focus on tourism.

“Something that would provide work to villagers and local businesses,” said the mayor of a municipality that oversees A Barca.

This particular village, one of thousands scattered across the country, was left empty in the 1960s when a new dam was built. It flooded villagers’ farmland, causing them to either move to larger cities or find better land for farming.

Anyone want to go splitsies? I’ll pay the $0 for the village and my partner can restore all the buildings and pay for maintenance.

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