Someone Actually Won $2 Million By Playing The Numbers From A Fortune Cookie

Not the winning cookie. (Fujoshi)

Not the winning cookie. (Fujoshi)

Some people swear by their chosen lottery numbers — whether they’re birth dates, anniversaries or the numbers from Lost — but most of those people still fail at winning anything. But when one Bronx great-grandmother decided to try her luck at a recent Powerball, she decided to just go with whatever a fortune cookie suggested — and it paid off. Literally.

The 75-year-old lucky winner tells 1010 WINS she won $2 million in the Powerball after a night of Chinese food takeout.

Her son picked up some Chinese food in Manhattan and brought it home, and when they opened the cookie, the numbers “looked attractive,” so they played them.

“I used to play other numbers and I never won anything so these looked just as good as any other,” she explained.

The fortune cookie gods must’ve been pleased someone finally took them up on their advice — five of those numbers matched the winning digits in the Feb. 1 Powerball drawing. She’ll get a lump sum of $1,246,085 after taxes.

“I was surprised, but pleased,” she said, putting it way more lightly than I would because holy crap, that much money would solve SO many things and also buy a lot of cheese.

“I plan to invest it and save it,” she told the New York Daily News. “Maybe I’ll go see family in Switzerland.”

I hear the Swiss have a fine cheese, so good call.

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