Now On Store Shelves: Chicken Soup For The Soul For The Body

Soup-24oz-Chicken_Noodle1Twenty years ago, the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series brought anthologies of heartwarming and inspiration stories to the top of the best-selling book rankings. They’re still putting out new books, and even licensed the brand to lines of pet foods. Now what’s good enough for our cats and dogs is finally good enough for us, as Chicken Soup for the Soul brand chicken soup hits shelves.

Oh, but it’s not just chicken soup. The line also includes chicken broth, pasta sauces, gravies, barbecue sauces, whatever the hell a “soup topper” is, and jars of “meal builder” sauces in various flavors.

We learned about this product from the intredpid shelf-spotters over at The Impulsive Buy. Having come of age in the ’90s, we wonder what took so long.


SPOTTED ON SHELVES – 3/5/2014 [The Impulsive Buy]
Foods [Chicken Soup for the Soul]

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