Apple Reveals Statue Of Melted T-1000 To Honor The Late Steve Jobs

You might’ve thought that the late Steve Jobs was the CEO and founder of Apple, which sure, he was. But if a new statue the company has unveiled to honor him has anything to say about it, he was a T-1000 from the future and somehow melted on his way back to our time, ostensibly looking for John Connor.

That’s the easy joke no doubt being made all over the Internet (including here) along with Pez dispenser comparisons and Arrested Development digs after Apple unveiled a new Jobs tribute statue (h/t Business Insider). Beyond the bust of Jobs perched at the top, the metal tower is also adorned with Cyrillic letters and a 1 and 0, representing binary numbers.

Serbian news site Netokracija has a nice side-by-side:

The totem pole made from a melted down T-100/Pez dispenser scale model of the statue was shown off in Belgrade yesterday, the work of a Serbian sculptor. It was chosen from more than 10,000 entries in a global competition, because “Apple management appreciated the imperfections of the piece over more computer-centric design entries,” reports Apple Insider.

It’ll be transported to Apple headquarters next and if it passes muster there, the sculptor will turn this little guy into a full-size statue — between 10 and 16 feet — that will loom over the campus like Saruman’s perch at Isengard.

Or as Boss Meg puts it: “He looks like Marley from A Christmas Carol:  ‘THIS STATUE WAS FORGED IN LIFE. HUMANITY WAS MY BUSINESS.’ ”

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