Behold The Pop-Up Electric Hot Dog And Bun Toaster

Live from the store-closing sale of yet another Kmart, reader Amanda sent us this strange unitasking appliance that we were not previously aware existed.

What if you say to yourself, “that’s good, but I really wish that it had cross-branding for some kind of fizzy sugar water.” You’re in luck!

While checking to make sure this was a real product and Amanda wasn’t just messing with us, we discovered that the company is real. They also make cotton candy and snow-cone makers, and popcorn machines, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Amazon reviews on this product are mixed, by the way. “This toaster is poorly made and I’m taking it back! I’ll stick to the microwave or boiling water!” wrote one reviewer. Poor quality is a recurring theme, as is the fact that the hot dogs barely cook. Maybe you’re better off microwaving, after all.

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  1. ophmarketing says:

    My son won one of these at a Cub Scout event. My first thought was “Who the hell toasts a hot dog bun?”

  2. theoriginalcatastrophegirl says:

    soon, i will be taking pictures of them in thrift stores. right next to the microwave smores maker, the shaped like a plastic campfire smores maker and the toastercoffeemakertinyegggriddle breakfast machine.
    also, how hard is that thing to clean? because i am imagining the nastiness that runs off a hot dog dripping down and getting congealed in the bottom

    plus, laura, morningstar farms corndogs won’t fit in it.

  3. DaveP says:

    These have been around for ages. I bought a friend one 10 years ago and he still uses it all the time. It was a different brand, but the concept is identical.