Hershey’s Needs Someone To Predict The Future Of Chocolate

In case you’re still hurting over not snagging that “bacon planner” position at Oscar Meyer, get out your corporate crystal balls: Hershey’s is looking for a “Senior Manager” in “Foresight Activation.” Or you know, a Chocolate Futurist.

The Atlantic’s Robinson Meyer dubbed this job position as such, but you could also call it a Chocolate Fortune Teller or maybe the Magic 8 Ball Of Candy. If you want to get on board with the chocolate smorgasbord, you’ll have to have experience converting “existing foresight (trends, forecasts, scenarios) into strategic opportunities (SOs).”

But just like with Kraft’s bacon planner position, we’ve got questions that aren’t covered in the very extensive job description — chocolate isn’t even mentioned on the page, surely the ideal candidate must have some affinity for the stuff? So we’ve reached out to Hershey’s with a few of those musings and will let you know if we hear back from them.

If the answers are anything near as mysterious as Kraft which couldn’t tell us anything about bacon planning, we’re going to start thinking there’s some kind of food planning secret society that we’re not allowed to know about.

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Hershey’s Is Hiring a Chocolate Futurist [The Atlantic]

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