Free Rat Included In Supermarket Bakery Apple Cake

A Long Island man wanted only one thing for his 96th birthday celebration: a German apple ring cake from grocer King Kullen. Sounds festive and delicious. When the family cut into it during his party, though, they found something extra mixed in. Nope, not extra apple filling or a bonus cinnamon swirl. (Warning: there are photos after the jump.)

The birthday guest of honor knew exactly what this cake should taste like, and he said that the taste was off. He got the first slice at his birthday party on Thursday, and complained about the flavor. “He’s had all their cake. He loves their cake. It has to be King Kullen,” the man’s nephew told WABC news.





It was a gross-looking gray mass that they thought could be mold. Then they saw what was plainly a rat’s tail. After they stopped screaming, they took the cake to an attorney.

“I personally am of the opinion that this cake was tampered with,” the attorney told reporters.

Grocer King Kullen, for their part, claims that the store in question has no sanitary or rat problems, and they don’t make a habit of including rodent filling in their bakery items. They claim that they’ve never had an issue with rat-filled pastry in 30 years of running a bakery inside their stores.

The family’s attorney plans to send the cake for testing by state officials. We anxiously await updates to this story.

Family says rat found in birthday cake [WABC]

Loaf Of Bread Comes With Baked-In Rodent Goodness

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  1. FusioptimaSX says:

    That is absolutely disgusting and knowing they ate part of this knowing something didn’t taste right makes me want to throw up! This is horrifying!

    • CommonC3nts says:

      It was still fully cooked.
      If no one got sick then get over it then we all can just laugh about it.

      Part of mass food production is food is only 99.9% clean/right/inspect/pest free.
      If you want 100% problem free food then you will make it all yourself.

      If no one got sick then there is nothing to sue over. They should just get their refund and make sure a food inspector goes into the place to check it.
      If it passes inspection then it was just a fluke.
      Pests like rats and cockroaches can get into food when there is no pest problem. They are roamers/scavengers.
      The store could have taken every precaution and that .1% time could have just happened.

  2. CzarChasm says:

    Well there’s rat cake … rat sorbet … rat pudding … or strawberry tart.
    Strawberry tart?!
    Well, it’s got some rat in it.
    How much?
    Three (rather a lot really).
    … well, I’ll have a slice without so much rat in it.