Customer Lawsuit Blames Dunkin’ Donuts For Burns From Hot Apple Cider Spill

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In the kind of story about fast food liquids we have never, ever heard before, a Dunkin’ Donuts customer is suing a franchisee and the company claiming she was badly burned after hot apple cider from the chain spilled on her.

The Star-Ledger cites a report (paywall) that says a 24-year-old New Jersey woman says back in September 2012, she was sitting in her car in the Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot after purchasing the cider. That’s when the lid allegedly came loose and the drink spilled.

She says she has permanent scarring on her thighs as a result of the incident, despite the fact that she was treated at a special burn center. Her lawsuit says she might still need more surgery.

And while yes, one can probably expect that the “hot” drink they ordered will be hot, her lawyer says the “temperature exceeded reasonableness and posed a safety hazard.”

I was just kidding about never hearing about this before, considering a similar lawsuit going on against McDonald’s right now, not to mention a slew of other recent cases and of course, the Hot Liquid Incident that started them all back in 1992.

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NJ woman sues Dunkin’ Donuts after getting burned when hot cider spilled [The Star-Ledger]

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