Man Suing Outback Steakhouse Because Mashed Potatoes Shouldn’t Include Broken Dishes

While you might be the kind of person who prefers a couple lumps in your mashed potatoes, any lump that’s hard and feels like a bit of plate is an unwelcome addition. That’s what a man suing Outback Steakhouse in Oregon is claiming: He says he broke two teeth as he bit into mashed potatoes at the restaurant.

He’s suing the restaurant for $48,000, claiming that there were pieces of broken porcelain in his food, reports The Oregonian.

Two of his molars cracked during the bite back in February 2012, he says in his lawsuit, and when his waitress alerted her managers, they “admitted to plaintiff that a plate had broken in the kitchen and that pieces had fallen into the mashed potatoes.”

In his lawsuit he faults the restaurant group that runs the location for not throwing out the potatoes that received the shattered plate treatment. The suit also says management was negligent in failing to tell customers that a dish had broken and let them “make their own informed decision regarding whether to eat food that might contain sharp, hard, dangerous and potentially deadly pieces of a broken plate.”

Because of course, your average person would simply say, “Gee, thanks, but I’ll take the smoothest potatoes you can find and without dish chunks, please.”

One of the managing partners of that group says he’s never heard of something like this happening, and that safety is very important.

“It’s really disappointing when someone gets hurt inside the restaurant,” he said.

Outback Steakhouse left broken plate bits in mashed potatoes, cracking customer’s teeth, suit claims [The Oregon [The Oregonian]

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