27 Major Companies That Are Worth Less Than WhatsApp

All these are worth less than a popular messaging app.

All these are worth less than a popular messaging app.

Just how big of a deal is the $19 billion WhatsApp is getting from Facebook in the acquisition announced yesterday? It’s a pretty freaking big deal — especially when you consider that there are a whole lot of major companies –including many that produce physical goods you can reach out and touch — that have been around longer than WhatsApp and are worth a lot less.

Gurbaksh Chahal, Chairman & CEO at RadiumOne has a list of all 62 major companies that are worth less than WhatsApp, using what appear to be current market cap numbers, give or take few million here and there.

While WhatsApp doesn’t make anything per se, it’s got power and value in numbers — its user base is around 450 million people on a monthly basis. So that’s worth a heck of a lot, $19 billion, apparently.

Here are 27 companies worth less than WhatsApp that may surprise you:

  1. American Airlines – $12.3B
  2. Campbell Soup – $13.6
  3. Chipotle – $17.1B
  4. Citrix Systems – $10.7B
  5. Coach – $13.5B
  6. Dr. Pepper Snapple Group – $10.2B
  7. Expedia -$10.2B
  8. The Gap – $19B
  9. Fidelity – $15.8B
  10. Harley-Davidson – $14.1B
  11. Hertz – $11.5B
  12. Kohl’s – $11.1B
  13. Kroger – $19.4
  14. Macy’s – $19.6B
  15. Marriott International – $15.4B
  16. Mattel – $12B
  17. MGM Resorts – $12.7
  18. Nordstrom – $11.4B
  19. Progressive – $14.3B
  20. Ralph Lauren – $14.2B
  21. Royal Caribbean Cruises – $11.4B
  22. Sherwin-Williams – $19.4B
  23. Southwest Airlines – $14.7B
  24. Tiffany & Co. – $11.4B
  25. Under Armour – $11.4B
  26. Whole Foods Market – $19.3B
  27. Xerox – $13.2B

All the Major Companies Worth Less Than WhatsApp [LinkedIn]

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