McDonald’s Switzerland Puts Gruyere, Goat, Swiss Cheeses On Burgers

mcdonalds-switzerland-cheese-roll-burgerThe name of a current promotion at McDonald’s in Switzerland translates as “large cheese cravings,” and that’s what it’s giving us around the Consumerist office. Unlike the boring old cheeses we’re stuck with here in America, Swiss fast foodies can try burgers topped with fine rolls of what we in the US call Swiss cheese, or with tasty slabs of Gruyère or goat cheese.

Well, they could. Don’t jump on a plane or train just yet: they stopped offering this burger a few weeks ago, since the promo was only for a few weeks in January and February.

Here are the sandwiches you were missing:

McSbrinz: Rolls of Swiss cheese and lettuce on a beef patty and “McSbrinz sauce,” which we’re going to assume includes more cheese, since Sbrinz is the name of the particular Swiss cheese.

McGruyère: Cheese and cheese sauce, beef patty, and lettuce.

McChèvre: Slice of goat cheese, goat cheese sauce, and a sourdough bun.

Around the World: McDonald’s Switzerland Offering Rolls of Cheese in Burgers [Brand Eating]

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