Birds Eye Creates “Mashtags” Potato Shapes So You Can Eat The Internet

Consuming the World Wide Web, one potato shape at a time.

Consuming the World Wide Web, one potato shape at a time.

Because it’s just not enough to consume the Internet with your eyes/brain, Birds Eye is trying to get people to eat the darn thing with its new Twitter-themed “Mashtags” potato shapes. Ah yes, potato shapes — the redheaded step children of French fries and tater tots.

While Business Insider says “now you can eat what you tweet,” I don’t think any of these new shapes spell out “Someone please deliver me a pizza and a vat of ranch dressing.” But you get the point.

“The addition of Mashtags to our food range is an exciting development for Birds Eye. Social media is all about conversation and we’re confident Mashtags will resonate across various groups of people,” a senior brand manager at Birds Eye told BI.

It’s not just about hitching the company’s apple wagon to the social media star, he adds — it’s to make people stop using the Internet itself and talk to each other… about the Internet?

“We’re constantly looking for ways to innovate and inspire consumers and hope that Mashtags will get people talking around the table and help to make mealtimes more enjoyable.”

For now it sounds like these Internet consumables will only be available in the UK, starting next month. The rest of us will just have to go back to licking mobile devices in the hopes that we can get some of that Internetty flavor.

Birds Eye Created Hashtag-Shaped Potatoes To Help Remind You Of The Internet [Business Insider]

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