Radio Shack Worker Accused Of Trying To Rob The Store Then Shows Up On Time For His Shift

There are bad consumers, and then there are bad consumers who might do one bad thing but are still very punctual. Not that being on time for work will earn you any brownie points if you’re accused of trying to rob said workplace.

Police in Florida arrested a man who they say tried to rob the Radio Shack store where he works. Cops say he showed up at 9:30 yesterday morning wearing a ski mask, and ordered an employee to drop to the floor, reports the Tampa Bay Times.

When she moved he pepper-sprayed her, police say, but she still tried to run away. He then allegedly tried to use a Taser on her to keep her from running but instead Tased himself in the hand. Ouch.

Apparently stymied by his own bumbling, law enforcement say the suspect then ran out of the store, tossing his blue ski mask in a Dumpster behind the Radio Shack. Because clearly, no one would ever find that bit of evidence in such a hidden location.

When it came time for his shift to start at 4 p.m., there he was, on time and ready to start working. Except that police arrested him instead, and charged him with attempted robbery with a weapon. He admitted to trying to rob the store, cops said.

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