Former Pizza Hut And KFC Buildings Never Escape Their Roots

If this great nation has a massive supply of anything, it’s abandoned chain restaurant buildings. Fortunately, ingenious business owners find new uses for them, turning fast-food joints into ethnic restaurants and … well, pretty much anything with four walls into a payday loan place or a pawn shop.

We love finding collections of these, and one of our Flickr pool contributors, SchuminWeb, added a fab collection of them this week.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car - photo by SchuminWeb

Enterprise Rent-A-Car – photo by SchuminWeb

They can shear off the roof, but this will always be a former Pizza Hut at heart. It’s all in the trapezoidal windows.

This former KFC makes an adorable cupola-laden payday loan joint.

With a pretty paint job, this KFC in Virginia found new life as a Japanese steak house.

This auto loan store once housed a 7-Eleven.

That reminded us of this post over on UTBAPH: Pizza Huts make fine, distinctive-looking pawn shops, too.

What Happens To Pizza Huts When They Are No Longer Pizza Huts?