Forget Heart-Shaped Pizza: Try Heart-Shaped Pepperoni Instead

In recent weeks, we’ve noticed a lot of visitors coming to our site because they’re looking for information on heart-shaped pizza. Yes, chain pizza places like Papa Murphy’s and Papa John’s offer heart-shaped pizzas, and you can make your own by shaping the crust into a blobbular heart-ish thing. For the ultimate in adorableness, though, try heart-shaped pepperoni. They’ll keep their shape better than a whole pizza, filling the space with way more hearts.


All you need to make this magic happen are a 1.5-inch heart-shaped cookie cutter and some pepperoni. (You could use just about any other shape, too.) Get step-by-step directions over at Serious Eats.

What should you do with the cutouts? You can use the outline anti-hearts to decorate another pizza, one that marks the hollowness and futility of love. Or just eat ’em.

Vegetarians aren’t left out of this lovefest: you can form tasty veggie hearts out of red peppers or tomatoes.

It requires more work, yes, but is significantly cuter than what passes for “heart-shaped” pizza on a bad day at the chain pizzerias:

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Image (4) 2010-02-13 18.17.50-thumb-600x448-37002.jpg for post 10002143

Top This: How to Make Heart-Shaped Pepperoni Slices [Serious Eats]

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