McDonald’s Answer To Simple Sauce Question Shows Why People Hate Marketing Execs

Though it was never as popular as BBQ or sweet and sour, McDonald’s hot mustard dipping sauce (not to be confused with honey mustard) for its McNuggets had been an option for decades (and wasn’t so bad when used in combination with the BBQ sauce, according to someone I know who looks a lot like me). Last week, some readers wrote in saying they were being told that McD’s had stopped offering hot mustard, so we sent off a one-sentence comment request to the company… We shouldn’t have been surprised by the nonsense response we eventually received.

In our experience, most companies would have responded to the question of “are you no longer serving X?” in a reasonable amount of time and would have likely said something like “After much consideration, blah blah…” But McDonald’s isn’t most companies.

No, we waited nearly a week for a response, which came down in the form of the following statement attributed to a McDonald’s Marketing Manager whose name we won’t mention because if his friends knew he said things like this they would want to whip him with a wet towel:

“The bold kick and flavor of the Habanero Ranch dipping sauce recently made its debut on the McDonald’s menu, beating out Hot Mustard, Sweet Chili, and Chipotle BBQ for a final spot on the sauce line up. Customers love the Habanero Ranch sauce, which is also found on McDonald’s Bacon Habanero Ranch Quarter Pounder and Southwest Premium McWrap.”

So… that’s a yes? A maybe? Wait — is this just a pre-roll ad for McDonald’s new bold Habanero Ranch sauce that plays before the actual response comes?

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